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Late Receivables

Collections Procedure

Customers will be given the opportunity to correct past due invoices within 60 days of service before incurring a late fee of $25.00 per/month retroactive to 30 days past due. For example, if a customer does not pay an invoice within 60 days of completed service they will be billed $50.00 plus $25.00 each additional month.

1. Customer will be sent a past due invoice (mailed and/or emailed) 30 days after service completion.
2. Customer will receive a courtesy telephone call after 35 days from service completion.
3. Customer will be sent a second past due invoice (mailed and/or emailed) 60 days after service.
4. Customer will be sent an explanation letter warning of legal action if the invoice is not paid with 5 days and a late fee will be added of $50.00 and $25 each additional 30 days after 60 days past due.
5. Collections claim will be filed with the county after 90 days past due and the customer will be responsible for court filing cost regardless if it goes to court or paid before court day.

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